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How to Get a License to Grow Medical Marijuana in Canada

Canadians have been legally growing medical marijuana from home for decades, and if you take action, you can, too! Getting a license to grow medical marijuana in Canada isn’t actually all that difficult, especially if you hire an ACMPR consulting service to help you through the process. So what does obtaining a medical grow license […]

How Long Does HHC Stay in Your System?

As the cannabis industry continues to add new alternatives to standard delta-9 THC, a new, lesser-known cannabinoid called hexahydrocannabinol, or simply HHC, has emerged. Like delta-8, its popularity is due in part to the more widespread legalization as compared to delta-9 THC, which is the main compound in marijuana that produces the “high” effect. The […]

The Story Of Moon Rocks: The Pot Too Potent For Snoop Dogg

A moon rock is a dense cannabis bud dipped, soaked, or otherwise covered in hash oil, which is then covered in an outer layer of kief. The result is a hard outer layer of kief and oil that operates a bit like a shell outside the oil-soaked flower — think Oreo cookies dipped in a chocolate shell.
A brief history of moon rocks

How To Cover Up The Smell Of Cannabis With A Sploof

How To Cover Up The Smell Of Cannabis With A Sploof Not everyone loves that telltale smell. If you’re looking to smoke discreetly, this DIY tool can help mask weed’s pungent aroma. Legal or not, not everyone’s going to love the smell of your aromatic new hybrid strain wafting past their nostrils. Maybe you have […]

The Incredible Effects of Cannabis On Weight Loss and Metabolism

As cannabis becomes more integrated within mainstream culture, millions are becoming more educated on the many benefits of THC and cannabinoids. Not only does cannabis consumption lower insulin resistance, but it also improves fasting insulin and facilitates metabolic function. More athletes and even those engaged in moderate recreational fitness have incredible benefits from daily consumption […]

Regulations to support coming into force of the Cannabis Act

Home Health Cannabis in Canada Cannabis Cannabis laws and regulations Regulations to support coming into force of the Cannabis Act Regulations to support the coming into force of the Cannabis Act were published in the Canada Gazette, Part II, on July 11, 2018. These include the following new regulations under the Cannabis Act: Cannabis Regulations […]